Randall Davis, President

Randall Davis, President

Born in Jerome, ID, Randall Davis has spent most of his life involved in ministry and serving the church. Saved out of a church-going family in the Jesus People movement, he spent years living and studying about God, His character and His church. Randall and Diane Davis have educated youth and ministered to the church together for many years. Randall was first called to college administration as a graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois.

At 29, he turned down a position of president of a college start-up in Minneapolis, MN because of his limited experience in the ministry. After 25 years planting and pastoring churches both on a Montana Indian reservation and in rural Idaho, Randall & Diane decided they were ready to take on the mantel of higher-education and start a new college that would truly challenge students to think differently.

Diane Davis

Dr. Diane Davis

Dr. Diane Davis, Randall’s wife, brings an equally passionate view for education as her husband’s passion for ministry. When she was told that her son would never learn to read due to learning disabilities, she built a school where students could be challenged to grow and learn no matter what their natural abilities. Their learning disabled son is now a professor of mathematics at a university in Texas.  Diane has traveled in the U.S. and to Indonesia to teach on the power of love in education and has inspired many teachers in her carreer with her knowledge and fortitude.

ACC is the realization of the lifelong call and dreams of God in the lives of Randall and Diane Davis. After 20 years of ministry, and 15 years of administering two different Christian schools, Aletheia Christian College is the fruition of their life work.

Lori Lawson
Lori Lawson is the Director of Petrescue Bible Institute in Cairo, Egypt where she and her husband Joseph live with their two puppies Merry and Pippin.  Lori began at Aletheia as a guest lecturer in 2010 and became an instant member of our ACC family. She now lectures regularly teaching her favorite topics in Old Testament studies and has added many phenomenal courses to our curriculum.  Last year Lori was invited to join ACC’s Board of Directors and has been a source of vibrancy, creativity and passion at our school.  Lori has a Masters Degree in Egyptology from the American University of Cairo and recently completed a second Masters in Christian Ministry from Wayland Baptist University.

Part Time Faculty and Lecturers

Alan Snyder, Ph.D., History, The American University, Associate Professor at Southeastern University.

Gene Wisniewski, PhD from Purdue University, Teacher at Liberty Christian Academy for 8 years, Engineer at World Radio Link.

James Kilkenny, Masters in English and Director of YWAM’s Teachers for the Nations.

Katherine Dang, Author of the Universal History series and co-author with Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater in the Principle ApproachTM.

Alice Long, PhD in Logotherapy from the Victor Frankle Institute of Logotherapy.

Administrative Staff

Dr. Diane Davis – Dean of Education

Pres. Randall Davis – also Dean of Biblical Studies

Rachel Davis – Admissions and Administration

John Martin, MBA – Bookkeeping

Cameron Hess & Schweb Design – IT and maintenance

Nathanael Davis – Administration

Scott Shenk – Admissions Assistant

We are proud to honor the students of ACC who assist the administrative staff as volunteers or as a part of our work-study programs.  Thank you for your hard work!

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Aletheia Christian College is both a self-perpetuating Board and a representative legal body. Three members of the Board of Directors will be representatives of the staff, faculty, and students. The other members of the Board are:

James Kilkenny, Tyler, TX. B.A. in Modern Languages, University of Portland. M.A. in English Literature, University of Portland. YWAM’s Teachers For the Nations Director, 20 year veteran of missions.

Nathanael Davis, Bachelor of Arts from Trinity Western University. Entrepreneur and business development advisor on the board of directors of ACC since 2010.

Lori Lawson, Director of Petrescue Bible Institute, Cairo, Egypt.  M.A. Egyptology, American University of Cairo.  M.A. in Christian MInistry, Wayland Baptist University.

Rachel Davis, Jerome, Idaho. Graduated from ACC in 2012 with 4 year certificates in Elementary Education and Biblical Studies. Served as a volunteer staff member from 2010 to 2013, spent 1 year as Adminitrative Director for ACC from 2013-2014, voted onto the board of directors in the winter of 2015.  M.A. in Old Testament Studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (in progress). 

Chairman of the Board, Thomas Lukashow, ESQ. Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Southern Illinois University School of Law. Lawyer for 20 years in Florida.

Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. Gene Wisniewski. Doctorate of Philosophy Purdue University, Teacher at Liberty Christian Academy for 8 years, Engineer at World Radio Link.

President of the College, Randall Davis. M Div from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), Pastor for 25 years in Idaho, Montana and Chicago.