It has always been a part of the vision of Aletheia Christian College to offer accredited Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees to our students in Christian Education, Ministry, Business and more, and our faculty and with the establishment of our campus in Jerome, Idaho and the successful launch of online courses we are very excited to be at this stage. From paperwork and policies to hiring the necessary faculty and expanding our curriculum, this project is intensive and expensive, but we believe it will be worthwhile for our local community and our growing international community of students and educational institutions.  This page of our site is dedicated to informing you about the TRACS agency, the process, our goals and how we are going to achieve them!  We hope that the pictures and projects listed here will help you feel engaged and informed.  Should you like to support us in this pursuit you can donate online using the link at the bottom of this page and place a desired designation in the memo line. Thank you!

TRACS stands for the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. They are recognized by both the United States Department of Education and the Counsel for Higher Education Accreditation as a national institutional accreditation agency for Christian postsecondary institutions, colleges, universities and seminaries.  For more information about the agency please visit the TRACS website.

Accreditation with TRACS happens in three stages, Application, Candidacy, and Accreditation.  Applicant status is our first goal. For a complete list of the steps required to be considered an Applicant please download the Steps Towards Accrediation Booklet.

Initial Communication and Orientation

We made our initial contact with the TRACS office at the end of June, 2015!  Before receiving an application for accreditation, TRACS requires an interview with the organization to determine their readiness. Because the accreditation process is very expensive TRACS makes every effort to insure that the interested organization is ready to begin the process and this is the orientation meeting.  ACC alumnist and board member Rachel Davis will be scheduling a meeting with the TRACS office in Virginia for the initial orientation as soon as our executive committee deams that pre-preparations are adequate based upon feedback from the agency.

Summer Goals

Our board of directors and executive committee are pouring over the manuals of TRACS requirements and organizing the steps we need to take before submitting our initial application to TRACS.  One of the first steps that we’ve acted on immediately is the prepartion and thorough review of curriculum and syllabi to assure that every aspect of our programs will be up to snuff!  With this active development we are also brining on new teachers and staff to support the growth of our programs and the student body. 

Financing Accreditation

The annual fees for Candidate and Accredited status to the agency amount to between $3,000 and $4,000 a year, and while our additional annual expenses during this process are still being calculated, they will most likely exceed $20,000. These additional expenses will pay staff and faculty for the extra hours working on accrediation, travel expenses for the required personel visits from TRACS and for members of our team to visit their office, and for recruiting new students and staff.  Download the TRACS Fee chart HERE for detailed agency-expenses.  We will be publishing our own expense chart by the end of the summer.

To help support this effort donate today using the portal below. Thank you for being a part of ACC!