Academic Vision –

      Our guiding vision for the academic programs of Aletheia Christian College comes from the final phrase of our Mission Statement, “To serve the church worldwide.”  The Church is not merely made up of one type of person, it spans a dynamic range of ages, cultures and careers, “for we are all members of the same body, but not each member has the same function” (Romans 12).  Therefore it is our vision that the academic programs at Aletheia be accessible to all types of students around the world, for the thorough educating, equipping and empowering of that individual, to live and serve effectively within the sphere of their calling.  To this end we have shaped each program to flexibly conform to the unique needs of the student, and have welcomed high school students, freshman, transfers and even graduates into our community who are simply seeking to enrich their lives and careers with a deeper knowledge of the Bible, theology and how to incorporate it into ones daily life.  We further believe in a student’s right to reason to their own conclusions about faith and the gospel, and do not discriminate on the basis of religion concerning our student body, or require that students take a Christian position in order to succeed academically.  Finally, it is our hope that through the diversity of this student body and the passion of our faculty, that we ALL will receive our greatest educational experiences through fellowship together and service to those in need.

Program Distinctives-

Aletheia Christian College programs are developed around three key distinctives which we believe are necessary for the complete training of the whole individual.

  1. The New Testament is a continuation and partner to the Old Testament, and a study of both testaments and their parallels is essential to a fundamental understanding of the Gospel. 
  2. In order to examine God’s word thoroughly a student must look beyond biblical texts and actively compare and contrast their history and teachings with the cultures, people and religions of surrounding nations throughout the history of the Jewish people and the Early Church.
  3. Every student who truly desires to examine God’s word thoroughly must learn the fundamentals of theological source and thought so that he or she may know it’s application to their chosen career or calling.
  4. No matter what career one chooses to pursue, or ministry to which one is called, each person will be in position to offer guidance and training to another.  The basic ability to teach and educate others is vital to any complete education and more so to the student who desires to be a witness of the gospel.

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