The next step of examining a Woman of the Covenant is to know, first, what a covenant is and then what a Biblical Covenant is.  So you’ve got some homework to do for me or else we’ll digress from Proverbs 31 for a year to cover covenants.  Since I’m a homeschool mom and teacher you’ll get more of that side of me tonight, here are your assignments!

1. Review the definitions of the words Covenant, Testament, Contract and Treaty from Webster’s 1828!

2. I’d encourage you to read God’s covenants with Abraham (Genesis 12, 15 and 17), the fulfillment of that covenant with Moses and the new covenant following the Exodus (Mosaic covenant, Exodus 19-21) and the New Covenant (see the gospels, primarily the book of John for these questions) answer these questions:

Is there a Mediator? (someone who goes between the two parties ie. God and Abraham) God can be his own mediator, it’s his prerogative 😀

What is the “Sign” of the covenant? (Noah was given the sign of the rainbow, what was Abraham given? What was Moses given? What did Christ give?)

What happens if the people DON’T accept the covenant?
What happens if the people DO accept the covenant and KEEP the covenant?
What happens if they agree to it and then break it?

I’m counting on you all to take some time to do this reading because we could spend months just going through what is written hear and never get back to Proverbs 😀 So do the reading, answer these questions for yourself and start looking for ways to let them change your life!