We are often asked why we recommend that our students study the Bible in Hebrew and Greek when it has already been translated. There are two ways to answer this question that show our worldview for education at Aletheia Christian College.

One – We teach foreign languages because it helps our students connect with global communities.

If you want to succeed in ministry, you will find and interact with people who speak a different first language than you do. It is impossible, even in rural Idaho, to live in the 21st Century without being exposed to different languages. Since English is the language of business around the world, we find that learning additional languages helps our students connect to the people in their communities who speak more than one language.

Two – We teach Biblical languages because it helps our students understand Christianity

We teach ancient Biblical languages because it helps us and our students understand that Christianity spans multiple language groups and historical periods. Understanding the Bible as close to the original as we can get gives our students the tools to encounter Christ in as personal and real a way as possible.

Humility comes from seeing the greatness of God and how small we are in comparison. Slogging through tri-literal verb roots in Hebrew or an unending cascade of Greek prepositions in Ephesians is one of the fastest ways we can learn that God’s word spans more than we can ever understand.

We believe, in short, that learning Biblical languages helps our students connect with others and with God in a deeper and more meaningful way.