Alan Snyder, in his Labor Day blog points out that we often, in our American drive to succeed forget the God who made and calls each one of us. This post has been affirmed in me this week as I pray through the next steps in my life as a father, husband and man of God. I have been building Carmal Farms over this summer, a dream from God come true, but as any farmer knows, there are limits financially for someone starting a new farming operation of any size. I have been praying about looking for additional work to have income to both provide and invest, but God is calling me to continue trusting Him and walking with Him. 

I have been volunteering at ACC for the last 7 months, and God has been providing each and every day. When you live God-to-God (as opposed to paycheck-to-paycheck), you start to learn that you can live without so much. My son reminds me of this daily as he asks (demands, really) for a whole peach. Just like us when we Christians go get work so that we can fulfill our needs and take care of our families, my son is not satisfied with waiting and receiving a safe amount of peaches.

Why don’t I give him the whole peach you ask? Two reasons: one is that a whole peach gets turned to mush, spread all over his toys and my computer and two is that my son cannot chew the skin from a whole peach. Our peaches are not sprayed, so the skin is one of the most nutritive things to eat with limited bad side effects. So, with my son’s best interests at heart, I consistently give him part of a peach.

I am like this with God. I want the whole, the best thing now and all of it, but God, for His own reasons that are actually the best for me, gives me parts. God calls me to start a business that only produces food and enough income to cover food. God calls my wife to teach, and calls me to volunteer at ACC. And today, I learn to not harden my heart and to walk daily with Him, trusting for my every need, even the time’s where my “needs” are really just persistent, powerful wants.