While building an aquaponics system for CarmAl Farms (http://carmalfarms.wordpress.com/), Randall Davis and I pulled up an old cornerstone from the house my dad’s grandparents built in 1919 or so. One of the corners of the old rock house, abandoned in an old trash pile, resurrected from the dirt, ready to lead a new life. With so many images of the cornerstone in the Bible, this one reminded me of the Lord Jesus Christ, who so often is seen as outdated and thrown into the trash pile of our life. We prefer progressiveness, individuality, our own humanity, or even something as good as putting food on the table over intimate fellowship and servanthood together with our Lord.

Where have you put God in your life? Where is that stone of stumbling and rock of offense that becomes the chief cornerstone? Is your relationship with God buried in the back of your life? 

If so, maybe it is time to dust out the old jeans, the gloves and a shovel, and go into the weeds of your life and once again stumble over a rock of offense and let it be your chief cornerstone, your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.