“Why am I doing this?” I wondered as I prepared to head down to Salt Lake City, not knowing whether we would be able to afford even the gas to make it there and back to pick up our guests for the summer. Starting a college is an incredibly complex procedure and specifically designed to have Catch-22s all over the place, and we have been in this limbo for quite some time. 

People ask me when we are going to have more students, more money, or more this or that, and I always catch my breath. Because the answer is overwhelming. We live in a society which makes it difficult to break into the college culture and legal structure that has been set up in the United States since the passage of the TItle IX Higher Education Act. This is done specifically to limit the number of organizations in American Higher Education, since Colleges and Universities went from being poorhouses where motive came from a desire to teach, to multi-billion dollar enterprises. 

Why do I keep going in the face of adversity is the question that has been eating at me this summer, and I can only answer with three words: Faith, Hope, Love. I have faith that God has called me and others to work in the field of education, without promise other than that He who has called us is faithful. I hope daily that God will provide both for my family and for this ministry. Love: love is the motive, the vision of a society of self-governing individuals where families and small communities educate together, teaching their children the greatest commandments, to love the Lord our God, and to love our neighbor. 

All through the beautiful trip down and long, dark trip back from Salt Lake City after picking up David and Alexander, I was able to reflect, and in reflecting, to realize. I can run to the end of the highway and not find what I am looking for, but God has me where I am needed. So, for the Love of my Savior, here I stand, I can do no other.