Last month, my husband and I were privileged to take our son to the East Coast to represent Aletheia at the annual conference for the Foundation for American Christian Education, the publishers of Principle Approach curriculum. The conference was held at the Cavalier Hotel on Virginia Beach, a beautiful and quiet spot that time of year in spite of the constant air base traffic. The conference was two days of amazing teaching by Dr. Gai Ferdon, Dr. Marvin Wilson, Dr. Paul Jehle, and a handful of speakers for breakout sessions, two of which were Nathanael and I. Due to sickness in the family two of the original speakers were unable to teach and Nathan and I were honored with a request to fill their spots. Nathanael had a round table discussion about education in the American church and I got to share my love of music and dance with twelve teachers and homeschool parents, showing how the arts can be incorporated into everyday curriculum. The experience was a joy! We were also privileged to meet many amazing educators. I got to speak personally with each of the speakers, and in particular I was inspired by my conversation with Dr. Wilson, who is an avid Hebrew scholar and author on the subject of the Hebrew roots of Christianity, to continue my research on Hebrew education. A young Mexican woman in the process of completing her third Masters Degree jumped on the opportunity to connect with Lori Lawson and the Petrescue Bible Institute and she hopes to be of service to them and to visit in the near future. Another family, who I hope will become good friends, are the Fribergs, who are American contacts for a Christian college start up in Haiti. We had many great conversations with Josiah and Brenda and the team from Haiti who came to study Principle Approach curriculum for their school. Please pray for them. There are at least a thousand students currently in the hands of these educators and they are passionately pursuing higher education. We hope to be as much help to them as we possibly can and will be praying for them constantly. On the vacation side we spent several hours in Williamsburg with the Haiti team watching reenactments and being blessed by the rich heritage of the town. Samuel was introduced to sandy beaches and decided that it was good enough to eat, literally. Nathanael and I had lots of time to pray and talk about where God is leading our family in the growing of His kingdom, and about how we can continue to serve here at Aletheia. More than ever I am convinced that our nation needs this school, the teachers that He has brought, and those who will come in the future. We are not alone either, colleges are starting up all over the world as Christians realize the need for a new course of education that guides a student from their first steps in the family home to having homes and families of their own, and we are so incredibly blessed to know even a few of these and be able to aid each other in the vision God has placed in our hearts. Thank you everyone who has been praying for us and supported the school financially. God is using your prayers and contributions to spread the gospel to Indonesia, Haiti, Nepal, Egypt, South America, and the American students right here in this country. Thank you!